About me, this site and my cooking

I started to learn to cook and brew beer when I thought about emigrating away from the UK….I realised there were a few things that I would miss and decided to learn how to do them for myself.

The first subject I worked on was one that I still have yet to crack thoroughly..the Onion Bhaji ….much loved UK Indian restaurant starter, derided and misunderstood in India but essential to the British curry-lover!

UPDATE!  I’ve cracked them :  https://attilathebun.wordpress.com/2019/08/13/onion-bhajis/


I never did emigrate, …. but I did work in restaurant kitchens and later as a butcher and  I did learn to cook some nice nosh and brew decent beer so it’s not all bad……..I made pizzas for Domino’s , breakfasts for the Post Office and spent about 5 years working in catering generally. 

What I’ve tried to show here is that you can make ‘restaurant style’ food at home…the sort of food you might eat when you go out for a special occasion…you really can do it at home…or things which are crazy expensive to buy in the shops…like stuffed potato skins for example, are really very easy when you know how..those potato skins, for example, are just jacket potatoes, cream cheese and bacon bits!


Cheeseburger, onion rings and a stack of  “crunchy house fries”



I worked at the Hogsback Brewery and copied the equipment in miniature at home. I took malted barley as my wages……….

I hung around Indian restaurants and picked up a few tips…I even sacrificed my arm hair to make a naan bread in a tandoori oven once…….speed is of the essence!

I built my own hot smoker and experimented with real American barbeque and I worked as a butcher on an organic farm and ran a meat and fish counter for Sainsbury where I learned to sharpen a knife and more importantly how to clean one. It’s always when cleaning a knife the accidents happen………

Here’s a great UK site for BBQ recipes and techniques:


I’ve spent the last year working on pizza ….even the original Napolitana style which requires a seroiusly hot oven, but apart from one little image of those I’ve kept the blog to pizzas you can make at home in a normal domestic oven.


To use the Search facility on the site just go to the magnifying glass sign top right or at the very bottom of the page……left-click on it and a small window will open up. Enter your search word and then press any Enter button on your keyboard. This may give you several abbreviated results within your search parameter…scroll down to the one you want and left-click on the title or ‘read more’ to open the full entry.

A lot of my recipes on this blog use Schwartz Chicken Seasoning. As of Summer 2018 they went and changed the recipe and what they offer now is no longer good for my recipes.  Tesco still offer  a good substitute that maybe just wants a pinch of salt added to it……

Salt generally, is missing from my recipes as I follow a low sodium diet….just add what you require to suit your own tastes…….








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